GROI Creative Coaching Ideas That You Probably Won't Find In Manuals...

1. Perfect Positioning


Clever way to get your players wanting to try out different positions...

Youth academies around the world, including Manchester United and Barcelona, encourage their players to practice in different postions in order to fulfil their footballing potential and so should you! Here's an easy way to get players on board with this...

Simply get hold of some Match Attax cards and build a team with them. You can either let the players pull the cards out of a hat to see who they get, come up with a rota eg: Ashley Cole today, Aguero tomorrow (Ashley Cole started out as a striker by  the way) or let the players be pro-active in trying new positions. You'll be surprised how many more goalkeepers you get!

Cool Clickers


Pass completion clickers. Clever way to measure the decision making success of your players.


2. Deadly De-Brief


This one is sure to send your players home feeling good about themselves.

Only use after a really good session...

Gather your players around as normal.

Then ask them to copy you as you de-brief the session.

Whilst talking make hand and body movements; for example; waggle your thumbs, open and close your palms, rotate your head / hips, look over your shoulders, squat up and down, put one foot in front of the other, etc etc (be creative). When you have enjoyed them copying you for a minute or two start clapping... they will all clap (let this last as long as you dare)... then stop and explain to them that they were applauding themsleves for a great session!

Stand back and watch those happy faces!

Works brilliantly first time but then once the cat is out of the bag your team will still look forward to seeing what creative moves you can come up with (and remember this is something to be earned only after a really good session!)

3. Funky Foot!


Probably a 'cooler' name than weaker foot!

Particularly good for younger players who will enjoy bragging to you about what they can achieve with their 'Funky Foot'. Many players will CHOOSE to use their 'Funky Foot' without you trying to force it upon them. To support this you or your players may come up with extra point scoring systems in training matches for 'Funky Foot' shots, goals, passes etc.

5. Talk Fifa!

 fifa-300-x-200.jpgGROI think that FIFA can be a great tool to help explain things to the console generation!

For example:

1. When working with your goalkeepers on when to come out they will often understand the concept of pressing the 'y' button on x box or the 'triangle' on PS3. Relate this to the real game and watch the improvement!

2. Young players understand that 'team chemistry' can effect performance so start using the word chemistry on an ongoing basis with your team. Explain that chemistry can be effected on and off of the pitch.


Changing Room

News content



Great analogy to work on young players mind control. Coming soon.

Banter Time


Young players love to talk so rather than fight it, why not allow time for it! Allocate extra time as 'banter time'. This could be  before, during (eg. mid way break) or at the end of a session. Experiment and see what works for you. Ten to fifteen minutes should do it. Team chemistry and relationships are important. This includes time for those of you that are coaches to get to know your players more without the pressure of wasting valuable practice time.



Sticky Circle


Great for getting players to pay attention very quickly!

Simply say, 'Sticky Circle' and you will have all of your players in a circle and ready to listen within ten seconds! Here's how it works...

Explain that we are going to stick together like the velcro on shoes / trainers that don't have laces (they will know what you mean).

With the person either side, firstly stick together your toes, then your knees, then your elbows. Then, "3-2-1" everybody 'unsticks' and stands to attention. When 'unsticking' everybody makes the velcro 'unsticking' noise. Something like, 'kweeeuuueeep'!

Got some creative coaching ideas of your own? Let us know and we may publish 'outsie the box'.

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