GROI - We're 'getting rid' of all that's bad in British grass roots football


The concept of GROI began around 2 years ago with a chance meeting between ex. Premier League player Matthew Piper (Leicester City and Sunderland) and ex. Sunday League player, now dad turned grass roots coach, Ian Bannister.

They shared stories from the weekend games (in which their children played) and highlighted a whole list of things that were still bad in grass roots football. At the top of the list were the words 'get rid of it'. Not content to put up with it anymore they shared a passion to get rid of all that's bad in British grass roots football and finally give our kids a better chance. Hopefully you see the irony in the name of the site!

Truth is to really make things better and save the future of our game we need to change a CULTURE. Surely a big ask, so can that be done? Well, with your help, YES. IF you think we're talking sense on this website get in touch, share your stories, like us, follow us and we will start to change a culture, 1 step at a time. Starting by 'getting rid' of those very damaging words, 'get rid of it'!.

See Matthew's account from that first weekend meeting here > Get Rid Of It - The Number 1 Problem

Matthew Piper - Ex. Premier League Player; Leicester City and Sunderland


Matthew Piper played in the Premier League for Leicester City and Sunderland before his career was cut short due to injury at the age of just 25. Having dreamed of being a professional player from the age of six this hit him hard but he has since been able to share his ongoing passion for the game through working with young players.

Now a devoted dad of three football loving boys and having coached in the Leicester City academy, Matthew has seen the good, the bad and the ugly side of grass roots football. Convinced that the main problem restricting the development of players in this country is the CULTURE, the opportunity to change things came about when a chance meeting with dad turned grass roots coach, Ian Bannister turned into a shared vision to get rid of all that’s bad in grass roots football. Starting by 'getting rid' with those very British words themselves, “Get Rid of It”.

Fast facts:
1. Matthew is a UEFA B license (level 3) qualified coach who has worked at the Leicester City Academy and now runs a Football & Sports academy for 5 to 12 year olds.

2. He famously scored the last ever goal at Filbert Street before Leicester City moved to the Walkers Stadium.  See it here >

3. Despite dozens of knee operations he’s ‘still got it’. See his latest skills here >

Ian Bannister - Ex. Sunday League and Dad turned Coach


Ian Bannister played Sunday league football from the age of 18 to 40 having previously been a competitive swimmer and County Water Polo player in his younger years. Now teaching in a local Primary School, he has followed the classic 'dad turned coach' route into youth football  and has been hooked for the last few years. So much so he has set up his own club in order to develop a modern philosophy that sticks across all teams. This has been a refreshing opportunity to develop young players from an early age that are encouraged to show a love of the ball, are trusted to make decisions and have a license to skill!

He believes that the psychological side of the game is crucial and promotes positive thinking in his players whilst being pro-active to protect them from the potentially damaging distractions of the British ‘get rid’ culture.

Fast facts:
1. Ian is a Level 2 qualified coach, also with Youth Module 1, 2 and Futsal qualifications.

2. He is married with eight (yes eight!) children; six girls and two boys, three of which currently play football with more showing an interest!

3. He watched the last ever goal at Filbert Street from the stands, completely unaware that 12 years later he would be trying to change the future of grass roots football with the goal scorer, Matthew Piper.