Thursday 18th August 2022

“Get Rid of It”

The number 1 crime against British football!

'Pass It!'

Creating panic ridden young players...

Pitch Invaders

Oi coach! Are you a pitch invader?

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GROI - We're 'getting rid' of all that's bad in British grass roots football

GROI stands for 'GET RID OF IT'. We're exposing and 'getting rid' of all that's bad in British grass roots football. At the top of our 'Hall of Shame' are the words 'get rid of it'. Where in the world would you give a child a football and then encourage them to ‘get rid of it’ as much as possible? The answer is right here in Britain! You will here these extremely harmful words thousands of times every weekend, up and down the country. This attitude is still killing our game from grass roots up; brainwashing our kids into the true British style of panic ridden, ‘hot potato’ football. Well we have had enough!

GROI - Tackling the REAL problem head on.

GROI is founded by an ex. premier league footballer and a grass roots coach who want to flip the meaning of ‘get rid of it’ on its head. We want to ‘get rid’ of ‘get rid of it’ along with all the other bad habits and behaviours that go with it. We’re bold enough to tackle the REAL problem in British football head on and that means changing a CULTURE.  We want to expose all that's bad in British grass roots football and with your help we can finally start to 'get rid of it'. See the GROI 'Hall of Shame' for more. Not content just to expose what's bad, GROI are also prepared to educate coaches and supporters on how to make things better. See our 'Hall of Fame' for more.

GROI - More than RESPECT...

GROI support the FA Respect campaign but GROI is more than RESPECT; it's tackling ALL that's bad in British grass roots football; not just bad behaviour but bad habits and the very culture of our game. We're getting specific, 'grasping the nettle' of the real problems and offering solutions through the eyes of young players that can really start to change our game for the better.